• Shuttle & Stacker Crane Solution

    Shuttle & Stacker Crane Solution

    How Shuttle & Stacker Crane Solution Work? Huaruide Shuttle & Stacker Crane Solution system consists of shuttle type racking system, stacker crane, raido shuttle, conveyor system, management and controlling system. The storage and retrieval operation needs...
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  • Radio Shuttle Solution

    Radio Shuttle Solution

    What is Huaruide Radio Shuttle Solution? The Huaruide radio shuttle is a type of semi-automatic high-density storage with low investment cost, it suits for storing large quantity and items. It has widely used in food & beverage, chemical, toba...
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  • Miniload ASRS System

    Miniload ASRS System

    What is Huaruide Miniload ASRS? The Miniload automated warehouse for boxes is an extremely dense storage system designed to move at high speeds for increased productivity in a compact footprint. Utilizing stacker cranes, the minload system has a standard hori...
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  • High-Density Mother-Child Shuttle Storage

    High-Density Mother-Child Shuttle Storage

    How does Huaruide High-Density Mother-Child Storage Solution Work? Mother-child shuttle system as known as shuttle-based ASRS has been having a bit of a moment from the last few years due to its extensive adoption in warehouses and order fulfillment operations...
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  • Clad-Rack ASRS Solution

    Clad-Rack ASRS Solution

    What is Clad-Rack Warehouse? Clad-rack warehouse can be made up of any type of storage system as their main feature is for the racking to form part of building structure. In this system, the racking not only supports the load of the stored goods, ...
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  • Unit Load ASRS

    Unit Load ASRS

    How does Huaruide Unit Load AS/RS work? The unit load ASRS is operated by a stacker crane, the stacker crane can travel back and forward on rail and there is a loading pallet device installed allows it can travelling vertically, it can also reach...
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